Monday, March 28, 2011

some news for you.

so in the news I keep hearing about radiation leaking from japanese power plants.
but last night i learned the radiation has now come to my state in the form of fallen rain.
they say the japanese radiation is nothing to fear but if it can GET FROM JApan to massachusetts in a week then realy why not admit that they had a meltdown?
and yes it is deadly. my question is where is the toxicavenger?
we need you toxi.

also i read today that lday gaga is  now just 25 years old Is it just me or does she look alot older maybe 36 did she realy abuse her self with drugs and stds that bad to look the way she does?

something related to gaga and those like her came to my attention 4 out of 5 american females have an std. this is mostly the fault OF BAD PARENTING and their idols gaga spears lohan and cyrus.
they teach the young ones to be proud little sluts with no self value .

the u.s has launched its attack along  with the united nations against lybia suposedly to save its  people from a tyrant hitler type. we had done this in the past in afghanistan and those we helped are now using some of our own weapons against us.
it is great we want to "liberate" but realy i think we just need more of the worlds blood the oil.

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